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I am Sasikumar. I have this blog, Sasikumar Talks, where I offer services related to technology. This includes software development, digital marketing, web applications, social media services, training, and more. If you are interested in any of these services, even for lead generation, please contact me. Kindly read my blog to improve your digital marketing and technical skills, and stay updated on recent trends and daily activities. I am a specialist in SEO as well as digital marketing and online tech.

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SEO, Digital Marketing & Web - Course Titles
Chapter 1: First step in SEO
Chapter 1.1: Keyword Research in SEO
Chapter 1.2: Competitor Analysis in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 2: Impact of Your Title Links in Search Results - Crucial and Unique
Chapter 3: How to Write Meta Descriptions
Chapter 4: Content Marketing: Crafting Useful, Trustworthy, Audience-Centric Content
Chapter 5: Enhancing User Experience on Web Pages: Essential Strategies for SEO Success
Chapter 6: Implementation of On-Page Optimization Factors and its On-Page SEO Check List
Chapter 7: Implementation of Off-Page Optimization Factors and its Off-Page SEO Check List
Chapter 8: How link building helps SEO and how to create backlinks?
Chapter 9: How to track SEO success, Conversions and analyse user behavior on my website?
Chapter 10: 100 SEO Tools
Chapter 11: 100 Sites to Build Backlinks
Chapter 12: How to prepare SEO report for my client?
Chapter 13: Google Tag Manager
Chapter 14: Understanding Search Engine Algorithms
Chapter 15: Local SEO: Optimizing for Local Search

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